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You have surfed onto a very cool site. Before you get carried away learning about our magnificent ocean life animals and viewing the accompanying jewelry, remember to bookmark OceanLifeJewelry.com! You will be glad you did.

I see you love the ocean and its creatures just as much as I do.  It is not only beautiful and relaxing, it supports our very lives. The ocean provides us with food, and most importantly over eighty percent of our oxygen supply. This important fact may surprise you.

The ocean is filled with tiny little creatures called plankton as well as various algae which we often called "sea weeds". The food chain begins with the tiny plankton and any algae or plant that can perform photosynthesis is providing us with oxygen. We cannot and should not take all of this for granted. As we enjoy our oceans, keep in mind that we have the power to kill them or clean them. Our very survival depends on how we treat mother earth. The ocean is one huge contributor to our survival as a species.

OceanLifeJewelry.com is both educational and a place to shop for reminders of our favorite forms of ocean life. Notice the menu to the right. Click on each ocean life  jewelry . Scroll way down the left hand menu and beneath will be a highly informational menu with category  links as well as jewelry links. The information links will contain articles specific to the group of ocean life you may be viewing. Enjoy both the articles and jewelry as you enjoy this evolving website.

What you will discover is information about the life in and around the ocean. You will find information about ocean mammals such as whales, dolphins,seals, manatees, otters and sea lions. You will learn about the interesting sea horse and a few if its secrets.

Mollusks is the name for animals we often don't get to see. What we do get to see are their protective shells. Picking up a seashell is a natural event as we stroll our favorite beaches. Mollusks, the creatures who most of which are known for living inside of "sea shells" are well represented here as well. The shell has receded in some mollusks to a very small internal structure. This allows the octopus, for example, to be such a clever chameleon.

Some of our favorites to collect and wear representations are grouped under the name Echinoderms. This spiny group includes lucky sand dollars and star fish. Their outer shell is called a "test". So far, it has passed the rigors of time.

As we look up and around there are a several birds that can add to your beach and ocean loving experience. Pelicans, sand pipers, herons, egrets and, of course, seagulls are some birds we can find and enjoy. They like their privacy so keeping a distance is a great idea! Of course sea gulls never learned the art of respecting privacy. They fell they came first!

Jelly fish are sometimes spotted along the shore. These animals, while in the ocean, are very beautiful and graceful. To protect them elves they have a built in stinging mechanism. If you find one of these beauties washed along the shore...stay way as their stinging cells can still harm you. These creatures are best enjoyed at a distance.

Lobsters, crabs, shrimp are part of a group called crustaceans. Many of us look at them with hungry eyes as many populations all over the world enjoy them as "sea food".

Wander around this site while remembering the bliss of beach days gone by and look forward to ocean days waiting to jump onto your calendar.

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