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formal beachwear
formal beachwear
What is the dress for ATI weekend in Negril,Jamaica as in style of clothes?

i know dat its mostly shorts n beachwear but i kno there are sum other parties dat may require sumtin more semi formal.....wat u guys think????

No semi-formal for A.T.I. The most stringent dress codes would be for Pretty in Pink and Daydreams (usually all white). Beach wear is still closer to the norm.

Scott Keneally @ the 2011 Mr. Healdsburg Pageant

Create Your Own Wedding Cards

Getting married is a great stage for your creativity to be shown off. One of the best ways to show off your creativity in a way that people appreciate through site and touch is your wedding stationery. Once your mail out your wedding card to those on your guest list, the first impression of your wedding is on its way to them. Not only is the actual wedding card design going to be noticed or scrutinized, but the way that everything is organized will be as well. There is a lot of information to convey depending on where your guests are and where and how your wedding is planned.

There are several ways to set up your wedding stationery from picking the actual material whether it is card stock or linen paper or any of a few other great choices to the design and color of the words. You can choose to have the basic design of the wedding card copied onto the envelopes that will contain them giving off the feel and appearance of consistency. It is important that you include not only your guests invitation to the wedding but an RSVP card to return so you can get a head count for the caterers.

If you have a different way for them to RSVP say on a website built for your wedding on an RSVP page then it is a good idea to print an information sheet on your wedding stationery to keep everything looking official and to make certain that your guests understand what to do. By doing so you can be fairly certain that the information will be followed and everything from the invitation wedding card to the information sheet will be kept together. Wedding stationery can go a long way in making certain that everything seems very official or whatever the feeling is you wish to convey. It is important to give you guests several clues to the dress and atmosphere of the upcoming wedding.

While you may put that the wedding and reception are semi-formal dress or formal or even casual the locations could make a big difference in the perception of what these may mean. For some locations with pre-established reputations semi formal could mean nice beachwear at certain resorts and beaches. It makes a difference when you give specific information and instructions for your wedding, but again the look of your wedding stationery can make a very big difference.

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