Ocean Animals For Kids

ocean animals for kids
ocean animals for kids
Spiritually speaking, Isn't it time to stop dolphin and whale shows?


In desperation this dolphin leaped over the edge of it's tank.

People who believe in God, do you think it's right to be cruel to animals because you think they have no soul?

No to mention the history of stressed animals such as Tilikum.

These are free roaming creatures that have large brains and sensory skills that need the big open ocean.

They suffer the cruel price of captivity and mental stress just for the sake of entertaining us at shows.

I have been to see Shamu as kid and I feel really terribly guilty, why do people not think about these animals suffering before taking their kids to see these barbaric shows?

Thoughts please....

Slavery should not be tolerated, regardless of species. Unfortunately, some humans believe that all nonhuman life exists solely for the benefit of humans. I don't know if it's possible to get through to people who are so delusional, especially when their delusions feed their egos. Not that we should give up, but we shouldn't expect such people to easily relinquish their perceived status of being "special." Sometimes the only way to get through to such humans is to appeal to their self-interests, i.e. show them how they might benefit from not enslaving and torturing other species. Empathy works for me, and many others, but not everyone is capable of extending empathy beyond those humans who resemble them closely, never mind to other species.

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Baby Bedroom Decor:
You can choose from a variety of topics that need to be visually soothing and pleasing to the eye for your little bundle of joy. Cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny and Winnie the Pooh are some of the most popular ones that can adorn the walls or even the bedding. Another option would be to go in for fantasy themes. Pretty pink fairies or Alladin in the magical world will add to the charm to the room. Have an aquatic theme to bring in some cool blues and refreshing greens. Use cute ocean animals, sea theme murals, theme bedding and unique bed canopies to turn your room into an aquarium. Coordinate with matching wall hangings, toys and wallpapers. Varied shapes of flowers and floral patterns can also be used when it comes to kids' bedroom décor. Your kids' bedroom can be transformed into myriad hues of realistic, graphical or cartoon style floral designs. If all this is way too fussy for you, then you can plan it in such a way which will only require few modifications once your child starts growing up.

Tween Bedroom Décor:
I would recommend you really first consider the nature of your child before embarking upon any new ventures for your kids' bedroom decor. Your tween would probably have the best solution for this. The decor has to be fun giving a flow to his creativity. For a kid who loves sports, you can use some equipment within his bedroom in a creative way. Hang a hoop if he loves basketball or use a hockey stick as curtain rod. If he/she is completely into music, you can plaster some cool posters on the walls or even reserve a special portion of the wall to display the guitar. If your child simply loves the sand and the surf, you can translate this into a theme and use it as an innovative bedroom décor idea. Get a mural or better still, get stencils that your kid can use and display his/her own talent on a particular portion of the wall. It can have the palm trees, sandy beaches and the cool, blue seas.

The dainty daughter may prefer a special area to display her stuffed animals and dolls. An easy access to these items would also help the room to remain neat and tidy at all times. Pretty lacey curtains and a display area for her favorite dress or bonnet can do the trick. The bottom line is to converse with your tween and find the best possible option.

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