Whale Halloween Costume

Whales are mammals that belong to an order called Cetaceans. Whales breath air, are warm blooded and give birth to only one calf at a time. Whales are mammals which means that they nurse their young as well as have hair...just like us! Whales sleep with half their brain awake to monitor the need for more air. Whales are a magnificent and beautiful important part of the interrelated web of earth"s creatures. This page, Whale Halloween Costume, is devoted to whale jewelry. Surf around. In addition to,Whale Halloween Costume , you will find a huge variety of both silver whale and gold whale jewelry. Enjoy Whale Halloween Costume as well as all the other whale jewelry neatly organized just for you!
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Whale Halloween Costume
Whale Halloween Costume

Social Media Halloween Costume Ideas for 2010 - Twitter, Facebook and Other Websites As Outfits

Over the last few years it has been the case that millions of people have joined the websites Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is much more recent than Facebook but each website has seen explosive growth over the last few months and years. With this being true it should come as little surprise to see many 2010 Halloween costume ideas related to social media. To create a Twitter or Facebook themed Halloween costume this year you will need to be very creative as it takes a little bit of thinking outside the box to pull this kind of outfit of.

Many college students have done the "Facebook Wall" Halloween costume in which others can write on their wall while they are at the Halloween party. By simply attaching a dray erase board to your chest and having several dry erase markers you should be able to come up with a great costume. This will allow almost anyone to write on your wall. It can get very interesting to see what some of your friends end up writing on your very unique Halloween costume idea.

When it comes to Twitter it might be a good idea to dress up as a bird or a whale as these are the two animals that portray Twitter. Just like the Facebook themed costume you might want to come up with a dry erase board so you can write, text or message tweets through your costume. This is sure to be something that is quite unique and you may not see another costume related to this social media website. Remember that there are many options so make sure not to limit yourself to just one idea. When it comes to Twitter, Facebook or any other Web 2.0 website there are many opportunities to look around and see some of the things that represent these websites.

Before going out and spending a ton of money on these 2010 Halloween costume ideas it would be a very smart decision to see what you already have. By finding some old clothes in your closet you may be able to emulate some type of animal that represents a website that you truly love. This could end up saving you a few extra bucks this holiday season which could be very important seeing that the unemployment rate is above 9% and many Americans are struggling to make ends meet when it comes to money or personal finances.

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Whale Halloween Costume

please help me think of something creative...like... not mary or an angel or jesus.
I thought of...the burning bush
a whale with a ken doll in its mouth (jonah and tha wale)
i was noah last year...
Any and all ideas would be fabulous! thanks so much!


how about a priest or eve from adam and eve?

Whale Halloween Costume

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